About Us

BONSHIN Sourcing & Engineering - is your reliable Partner for sourcing from China and customized manufacturing.

We at Bonshin have made it our priority to provide our clients with the best possible service for sourcing from China. This involves our engineers helping our clients to finalize their drawings and technical specifications, auditing factories, logistics management and much more. Our goals are minimizing our clients risk, optimizing cost structures and delivering on time, as well as ensuring top quality.

Our experienced team consists of engineers, quality surveyors and sourcing specialists to ensure you get exactly what you want at the price you want! We are specialized on the fallowing manufacturing processes: aluminum extrusion, lost wax casting, die casting, machining, stamping and punching, as well as: Plastic injection molding, Rubber, Polyurethane & Foam. Nevertheless, with our vast network of producers and the experience of our sourcing experts and quality surveyors we are confident to find you any product you desire.

Bonshin Sourcing & Engineering developed from the sourcing and engineering department of Wholly (China) Marketing Co., Ltd. Which took up the sourcing and engineering business in 2005. We became an independent company in 2013, when Wholly (China) decided to divide their two main business sectors into two seperate companies.

For more information on our company and how start Outsourcing to China visit us at our website: www.Bonshin.com

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