About Us

H|BRAND Trade Scouts Asia Ltd. has, over the past two decades, established itself in Greater Asia as one of the leading globally active sourcing partner of high quality automotive aftermarket parts from industrial and developing countries.

With western standards of quality and precision, H|BRAND assists especially medium-sized companies in achieving significant and sustained purchasing advantages in market segments that are highly competitive and fraught with risk. The large majority of our customers were not yet active in Asia and found entry into this increasingly important procurement market only through H|BRAND.

H|BRAND has set itself a central goal to render a comprehensive service to medium-sized automotive aftermarket enterprises, both for new arrivals in the Chinese market as well as companies that have already taken the first steps.

H|BRAND's complete range of services:

- Parts Sourcing & Quality Management
- Market Research
- Data Service
- OE- Sampling
- web based Order- Tracking Software


Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence