About Us

INS is a dynamic company operating in China since 2006. Its mission focuses on helping companies grow through a presence in China, the world's leading market, and turning their business vision into reality.

Thanks to our expertize in all administrative and staff management matters, we help our clients in recruiting and sending staff in China as well as providing support in cost-effective payroll outsourcing. These services include:

- Visa solutions
- Payroll outsourcing / Tax optimization / Insurance
- Invoicing services / Expenses Management
- Office rental
- Headhunting

We are currently working with several companies in different industries: Energy (such as Initec Plantas Industriales SAU, Tecnicas Reunidas, etc), Major Outlets (El Corte Inglés), Technology (Intrasense, Luneau, Mapaero, Simelectro), Textile (Jules), Wine (Skalli, Maison Sichel, Boisset, Daumas Gassac, GVG, De Luze), etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about how to develop your business in China.
We would be happy to discuss the ways we can help you.

Email: info@ins-globalconsulting.com

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence