About Us

Seedlink is a software company focused on industry leadership in improving workforce quality. This ambitious goal is built on our commitment to clients, culture, and partners. We believe learning and working are inherently complimentary, especially in today’s knowledge-driven economy. Yet, education and work, on a systemic level, are disconnected. Our mission is to integrate learning, assessment, and working in a simple way through innovative applications.


Our number one priority is the companies that we serve. We focus on developing applications to solve specific problems for our clients. Our products aim to provide the following benefits:

- Efficiency and time savings

- Quality and process improvement

- Profit and cost reduction

Vision: We are committed to building a great company. To us, this means an organization that embodies the best of humanity, and a brand that lasts. Our foundation consists of the following pieces:

People: We seek those who inspire us to be better competitors and leaders. At the heart of our people is a company culture that unites and empowers rather than divides and controls.

Products: We build unique and specialized solutions for a modern workforce. Our people are committed to delivering value and anticipating the needs of our clients.

Partners: Success depends on nurturing our relationships with clients, suppliers, and channels. Only with continued respect and collaboration will we achieve lasting value.

Profit: Sustainability of our goals means profits for our shareholders, clients and partners.

Productivity: The right effort with the right mindset allows us to be lean and agile. We are about action and results—staying accountable to all of our stakeholders.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence