About Us

Our maufacturing sectors and working area

- Hydraulic and Pnomatic sector

a- Hydraulic and Industrial Hose manufactur : We produce hydraulic hose ( R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R9 , R12, R15 ) , Water hose, Air condition hose, brake hose, hot water hose, kuka hose, concert hose , Air Hose, Lpg Hose , Cng Hose and nearly 150 different hose manufacturer
b- Hydraulic Hose Agent : We have stock in our turkish ware hose Sel Brand, Diessa Brand, Semperit Brand, Fireflex Brand, Hydrointer Brand, Manuli Brand, Goodyear Hose .
c- Hydraulic Fittings And Connector : Hydraulic fittings and connectors nearly different 3000 type. ( BSP, UNF, ORFS, METRIC and some other international standart )
d- Hydraulic and Pnomatic Equipments : Pomp, Valve, Pnomatic fittings and equipments, Rod pipe, motor
e- Hydraulic Machine : Hydraulic crimping Machine, hydraulic hose cutting Machine, hydraulic bending Machine, hydraulic fittings crimping Machine
f- Stainless steel, copper and ingot product stock

- Metal and Pipe Sector
a- Germany and China Steel Range : Seamless Pipe, Stainless Pipe, Round and hexagonal bar, Hydraulic Line Pipe, Sheet metal and some others
b- Copper , Ingot and alumınum productss
c- Special cold and hot forming metal products

- Machine and Metal Manufacturing Range
a- Special Machine Project : For example pipe Machine, pipe bending Machine, punch Machine, drilling, milling and otomation Machine and hydraulic
b- Machine distribitor : we are some big other Machine

Business size

500+ employees