About Us

Xi'an Wonder Chemical Co.Ltd is a leading manufacture in the oil chemical additives industry in china which participates in scientific research, production and also Sales. Our company concentrates in the development of fine chemistry, especially in the development about petroleum refinery and additive for petroleum products. We have our own talent human resources and have our own research and development centre, which makes us have higher ability to exploit new market and embark on scientific research and development.

Our company now has developed WD01-002type high potency oil refining catalytic additive, such as crude oil demulsifier, cetane improver 2-Ethylhexyl nitrate, diesel pour point depressant, corrosion inhibitor, and imidazoline. Many of these have been listed into the “Torch Program for the City”, and well sold in the mainland of china and world widely.

most of our products are widely used in around twenty refinery such as LuoYang petrifaction Liao, petrifaction,DaXing, Refinery,HuNan, ChangNing,GuangXi, BeiHai,TsingDao petrifaction, Shanghai GaoChao, etc. It received high valuation from all customers and we export our product to other countries as well.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence