About Us

XinXiang SIMO Blower Limited Company which was founded in 1955, mainly designs and manufactures Centrifugal fans and Axial flow fans which are applied to industrial systems, which is the senior member of China General Machinery Industry Association.

SIMO BLOWER is one of the main large fan manufacturers in Central China, which owns more than 200 employees and the production capacity of 15000 sets one year.

There is an advanced Air flow Test Laboratory in our company. We master mature fan designing, testing, manufacturing technology, and can design and manufacture multipurpose fans according to users' requirements. So, we are able to meet users' complex and professional applications. SIMO BLOWER's products have been widely used in thousands of customers' industrial systems, such as Coal-fired power blower, centrifugal fan for Metallurgy, industrial fan for Paper making, Cement blower and Glass production fan, Chemical industry fan, Material handling blower , Sewage treatment fan, Waste incineration bower fan, Subway ventilation fan, Industrial boiler fan and Dust removal fan etc.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence